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of the demands of protesters. this was the demand of president obama's envoy frank wisner. the protesters rejected it whole-heartily saying we want to see you go now. it did not live up to their expectations. one of the protesters that i spoke with said he's been lying for 30 years, why should we believe him now? another one said, he'll use these next seven months to round people up who have been protesting against him over these last few days. >> alex, as we look at these images from cairo, we can see so many people, a million are some of the estimates, on the streets, protesting loudly, holding up signs. what can we expect today, though, now that this announcement has been made that he is stepping down? >> reporter: well, if it was an effort to placate the crowds, it has not done that. i'm looking at live pictures, again, of thousands of people on the square. it's a beautiful day in cairo. a beautiful day for protesting. i can tell given the fury i saw last night and over the last week since i arrived, i don't think these protests are going to end any time soon. >> alex marquardt in cai
not to run in the next presidential election. abc news has confirmed that president obama told mubarak he needs to take that action, which would allow for free elections and an orderly transition of power. >> just one more egyptian people, we hate him. 30 years is enough. >> reporter: the largest protest this country has ever seen. despite the government shutdown of public roads and transportation. in cairo where mubarak was hung in effigy, more than 250,000 people packed tahrir square. since friday the protests have generally been peaceful. one poster showed the one casualty. t women have been allowed much less freedom than men have found their voice. >> mubarak leave the country! just leave us alone! we will make it! we are not the first people to get rid of. >> reporter: repercussions are rippling through the middle east. king abdullah vowed to launch political reforms and obama administration spoke for the first time with one possible successor to mubarak, nobel laureate mohammed ed elbaradei. >> president obama addressed from the white house last night. he said egypt's transition mus
with the stepped up pressure on libyan strong man moammar gadhafi. president obama has joined other world leaders in condemning violence in that embattled leader's country. >> secretary of state clinton is being sent to geneva for talks aimed at stopping the bloodshed. alex marquardt has traveled from egypt into libya with this report. >> reporter: report reads hand by hand, down with gadhafi. a large part of this country now firmly in the control of the protesters. we're about 15 minutes inside the libyan border and we've been stopped at several checkpoints where they're asking for our passports. it's civilians doing the asking. there isn't any military or police in sight. those we spoke to say gadhafi failed them. people need everything, this man said. there are no hospitals, no medicine, no jobs, no food. >> he only did one thing. he tried to catch the oil. he just think himself is leader for africa, but is not him. >> reporter: just to the west, signs of a nation on the cusp of all out war. libyan military trying to destroy the protesters. helicopter gunship fires on the people. a fighter jet
obama has been quietly petitioning restaurants to rethink their children's menu. consider an average 8-year-old should consume 1,500 calories a day. ruby tuesday's kids' mac and cheese has half a day's calories. applebee's mini cheeseburgers, 720 calories. add kid sized fries and milk, almost a day's calories in a single meal. >> junk food with pepperoni pizzas, cheese everywhere, soda pop in huge cups. that's the way to raise an obese generation of kids. and we're doing a pretty good job of it. >> reporter: sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> this comes on the heels of a news a few days ago a doctor saying we feed kids rice cereal too much, that's a bad carbohydrate leading to obesity. lots of advice out there for what not to feed the kids. >> they did poll mothers. they asked mothers what their babies were eating at certain marks of life. a lot of time you think this research doesn't correspond with real kids. this was done with real kids. >> absolutely. this is the one year anniversary of when michelle obama launched her anti-obesity initiative. hopefully we're getting thinner an
, a third of president obama. and when the therapist picked up one of the cards, gabby giffords said, george bush. doctors told us it's a sign not only of speech recovery but also of cognitive recovery. >> cognitive recovery and speech recovery are two separate processes. someone may be able to speak, but the inability to think clearly may become more evident because now the person is speaking, but the person may not make sense. >> reporter: but in gabby giffords' case, she is making sense, a few words at a time. even speaking to her brother-in-law in space telling him, hi, i'm good. and her office said the congresswoman continues to be briefed just as she'd always been. all last week on egypt. convinced that while she can't speak in full sentences, she can understand what's being said. and her mother is he can stamic. "the new york times" reporting in an e-mail sent by giffords' mother about gabby winning a game of tic-tac-toe against one of the nurses adding that she's gone from being kind of a limp noodle to someone that is alert and sits up straight with good postures. music, the newest
: president obama's budget director jack lew left the nation with a surplus. >> i came back ten years later to look at projectionses over $10 trillion over the next ten years. it's enough to break your heart. >> reporter: the national deficit in 2011 and suspected to reach an all-time high of $1.65 trillion. the president's budget would increase spending on research and development, education and transportation. republicans say those are all nonstarters. ron and vinita? >>> america's fighting forces may not be immune to the need for budget cutbacks. the defense secretary says he wants enough money to maintain 9 #,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. that is despite the obama administration's insistence that it will begin to gradually withdraw force this is july. the 2012 budget requests includes about $118 billion for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >>> the house has voted to extend three key provision of the patriot act set to expire at the end of the month. the post-9/11 counterterrorism powers include roving wiretapping and seizing business records, plus intelligence surveillance on suspect
>>> this morning on "world news now" -- budget battle. president obama will unveil his new budget later today. >> what the president intends to cut and how republicans are now responding. it is monday, february 14th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we're looking good here. we are in the spirit. look at us. >> can you tell what today is? >> yes. >> happy valentine's day. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm vinita nair. >> i'm rob nelson. all eyes will be on washington where the president will announce his 2012 budget and calls for $1 trillion in cuts over the next decade. we'll have a look at where those cuts might come from. another political battle brewing on capitol hill for sure. >>> today, a story getting a lot of buzz and probably a lot of late night comics getting jokes. serious outbreak at the playboy mansion. after a party there, dozens of guests came down with something. now health officials want to know what it is. >> what could possibly spread at the playboy mansion? interesting. we'll find that out. >>> in a special insomniac theater w
. >>> and motown comes to the white house. first lady michelle obama welcomes john legend, smokey robinson and sheryl crow to the latest sound of young american serious. >> nice lineup. >>> we're fired up for sunday's oscar and the buzz is building all over the internet. >> whether movie producers or the academy itself like it, social media is a run to the red carpet. >> oscar, you're invited. >> reporter: oscar turns 83 years old this year but he doesn't look or act his age. oscar's got his own youtube channel and you can find him on facebook. that's only appropriate in a year when a leading contender is all about the social network. >> this is a once in a generation idea! >> reporter: the national board of review was first to call it the year's best. >> my children are on facebook. but i never paid attention. but they became interested in the film after being involved with facebook. and i became interested in facebook after seeing the film. >> reporter: the film has since lost ground to a more traditional movie "the king's speech" but hollywood is clearly feeling
are scheduled for today. >>> the obama administration is struggling to support the pro-dompro pro-democracy movement. robert gibbs dismissed mubarak's naming of a new government saying now is the time for action not appointments. yet gibbs also said the administration has not contacted opposition leader mohamed elbaradei. >>> of course, we'll have much more on today's planned protest in egypt later in this show as well as on "america this morning" and also on "good morning america." >>> now to this morning's other major story, that brutal winter storm bearing down on at least 30 states from the rockies to new england. the nation's midsection is getting the brunt of it with up to 2 feet of snow on the way. chicago is bracing for an all-out blizzard. many schools have been closed and states of emergency have already been declared in missouri, illinois and oklahoma. >>> the storm is also taking a big toll on air travelers across the country. thousands of flights have now been canceled. airlines have encouraging passengers to rebook trips leaving from chicago. the storm is even throwi
are pushing for a $61 billion in cut to the current year's budget. president obama says those kind of cut will endanger the recovery and he's threatening to veto the bill. a standoff could lead to the government running out of money by the first week in march. >>> now to the nation's highest civilian honor awarded to 15 amazing people from all walks of life. >> the recipients of this year's presidential medal of freedom ranges from a poet to past president recognized for significant contribution to world peace, culture and other major endeavors. karen travers joining us from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president obama said that the 15 medal of freedom winners represent the best of who we are and who we aspire to be. this year's medal of freedom winners come from different backgrounds, experiences and generations. but president obama said they all share one important thing -- >> this year's medal of freedom recipients reveal the best of who we are and who we aspire to be. >> reporter: the president honored a civil rights legend. >> my parents teach their children w
reportedly told him, hi, i'm good. >>> president obama is spending a cost-cutting valentine to congress today. a budget proposal that would eliminate about $1 trillion in debt over the next ten years. republicans say the cuts need to be much deeper. david kerley reports from washington. >> reporter: the president is poised to release his budget, which will probably ignite anger from all quarters because he's proposing cuts in programs which some liberals consider sacred and conservatives say he probably won't cut enough. hot off the presses is the president's budget in which he promises spending cuts, some surprisingly deep. he says it will shave more than $1 trillion off the deficit over a decade but republicans aren't buying it. >> we're broke. what's really dangerous is if we continue to do nothing and allow the status quo to stay in place. when are we going to get serious about cutting spending? >> reporter: including in the plan, cuts to home heating as answer, money for clean water, defense spending and pell grants. reductions which will anger the left. the president would use the savin
. >>> president obama's budget has arrived on capitol hill. several members of administration will go before congressional committees to defend the nearly $4 trillion plan. >>> and the only giant panda cub born in the u.s. last year will reach a very special milestone today. he'll get a name. in keeping with chinese tradition, the panda cub is being named on his 100th day of life. he's expected to make his public debut at the atlanta zoo this spring. >> they're so cute. >> they are. >> i can't take it. >>> finally this morning, it is a dog's life but a whole lot of humans wouldn't mind it at all. >> the contestants at this week's westminster dog show get the royal treatment because they are the stars. linsey davis went behind the scenes where all the pampering goes on. >> reporter: if all dogs go to heaven, it must look something like this. spa treatments, treadmills, massages. the hotel pennsylvania has all the creature comforts. >> here we have a dog getting groomed, getting ready for the big show tomorrow. getting shampooed and conditioned. >> reporter: these dogs
is quite brilliant. a comic book i would read. a guy from m.i.t. said you know what i'm going to with obama's health care overbill, over 200 pages of legislation, he wants to turn it into a comic book. he says he basically wants to explain the complex and controversial plan to the masses in one long potentially kind of boring comic book. >> i think it's brilliant. for all that debate it sparked, very few people have actually read it. >> even physicians. a lot of folkses told me they're not quite sure what it >>> this morning on "world news now," runaway toyotas. after millions of cars were recalled, the results of a federal safety stud ary are in. >> investigates reveal what caused those sudden acceleration problems and what did not. >>> it's wednesday, february 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm vinita nair. >> good morning. i'm rob nelson. abc news broke that sudden acceleration story about a year ago and experts from nasa have spent months looking in toyota systems. we'll explain what they found and why it is ver
hand movement. he did say he thought president obama, quote, was a very good man. he said that he had not been asked to step down but he also said that he had told president obama, quote, that you don't understand the egyptian culture and you don't understand what would happen if i resign today. he did say once he had made that statement, once he had heard the demands of the people, as he told me, that they were legitimate demands, he made the decision to step aside and he said he felt relief after that. i did say, where would he go once he stepped down? and he said, egypt. this is my -- this is my home. he said, he didn't care what people were saying about him right now. he said that he cared only about his country, about egypt, and is that when the time comes, he would die in egypt. i visited that palace many times. i've interviewed president mubarak in much less tense times. usually the halls are crowded, lots of officials in the halls, walking, bringing tea, bringing coffee. this time there was a sense that everybody was in their offices. we walked down an empty hall that was not
and president obama is clearly losing patience with the egyptian president. in a statement issued last night the president said, quote, we urge the egyptian government to move swiftly to explain the changes and to spell out in clear and unambiguous language the step by step process that will lead to democracy. there must be restraint by all parties. violence must be forsaken. >>> the mubarak bombshell caught the white house by surprise. in michigan president obama was optimistic an orderly transfer of power would take place. and lee i don't know panetta told congress there was a strong likelihood the egyptian leader was on his way out. >> this provides a tremendous opportunity to try to move egypt in the right direction. and i think the administration, and i think the world for that matter, hopes that that will be the case. >> the director of the national intelligence also gave the spy agencies a b-plus if not an a-minus for their recent predictions about the middle east. >> the uprising against hosni mubarak raises key questions -- what about his public loss of support and why now? answers
transition of power now unlikely as egypt enters a dangerous new phase. here in washington the obama administration is concerned the crisis will turn even uglier, as one official put it, if mubarak doesn't begin to transfer power now. >>> and all that unrest in cairo and other cities has brought regular everyday life there to a grinding halt. our lama hasan used to live in cairo and went back to her old neighborhood to see where things stand now. >> reporter: the cairo i remember, where i lived for a year, was this. busy, noisy, full of life. not today. away from the square where the protests rage, that life has come to a stop. this used to be my old neighborhood when i was living in cairo and i remember it bustling with people. but today it is practically empty. as you can see, many of the stores are closed. no one is coming for the chicken and fish of the food vendors. there are no children at the school. gas stations, deserted. egypt runs on cash. few have a credit card. but put your card in an atm machine and the message is, out of order. we have no money left, this man says. how
on that bus did suffer some minor injuries but everyone else is okay. >> wow. >>> president obama has hit another major setback in his health occasion overhaul. a federal judge in florida ruled monday that the entire law is unconstitutional. florida is now the 26th state to challenge legislation. >> karen travers has details from washington. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning. this decision has republicans and tea party activists very happy. but the white house is poking holes in the judge's arguments. this is a blow to the obama administration. the federal judge in florida has ruled the health care reform law signed by president obama last march is unconstitutional. 26 states, most led by republican governors or attorneys general, sued to block the law from being enacted. at issue, the provision that required all americans to buy health insurance by 2014, or face penalties. judge vincent ruled the individual mandate, which is a cornerstone of the law, exceeds congress's constitutional power. two federal judges have already upheld president obama's health care overhaul. a thir
today. >>> here are some stories to watch today on abc news. >>> president obama invited three key republicans to a white house luncheon today. he'll discuss the agenda he presented at the state of the union to the congressional leaders. >>> verizon starts selling its version of the iphone today on its website. the long-awaited apple smartphone arrives in verizon stores tomorrow. >>> lindsay lohan's attorney plans to fight grand theft charges today in a los angeles courtroom. she's accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store. >>> on february 27th the academy award winners will be announced right here on abc. and the industry's brightest stars, of course, will be coveting all that oscar gold. >> what about the costumes that gave the nominees from "true grit" their grit or made us go mad for "alice in wonderland's" mad hatter. what happens to them? here's kabc. >> reporter: here the movie costumes are the stars from "clash of the titans" to the dazzling but brief numbers from "burlesque" with all their sparkle. for the 19th year the fashion institute of design and merc
the republican-led legislature. >>> the battle over president obama's budget is officially under way on capitol hill. the president says it is full of painful cuts but republicans say those cuts do not go far enough. >> and if there is no meeting of the minds soon, normal government business could come to a screeching halt. john hendren is in washington with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rob and vinita. president obama submitted his budget for 2012 earlier this week and the republicans already declared it dead on arrival. well, now they're in a fight over the budget for this year. that's a showdown that could end up in a government shutdown. it's a political face-off. republicans say they don't want to wait to cut federal spending. they want to start slashing government spending now. starting with $61 billion this year. >> we are taking the first step in tackling our unsustainable debt and in preserving our economic strength for future generations. >> reporter: instead of passing a budget for fiscal 2011, congress has been passing temporary spending measures. the president s
. >>> federal disaster aid is now on its way to oklahoma. now that president obama has declared a state of emergency there. the state was paralyzed after being hit this week with 20 inches of snow, sleet and ice. now windchill warnings have been issued for 22 counters in the north and west. >>> this unusual arctic weather is even hitting border cities in mexico. snow fell in juarez where a state of emergency has been declared. schools and businesses are closed to conserve power. snow fell across the border in el paso, texas. >> dare we look at weather today? >> no. >> freezing rain and up to an inch of snow in texas. showers and thunderstorms from florida to south carolina. snow showers in northern wisconsin and rain in the pacific northwest. >> 48 in seattle. 51 in portland. teens from minneapolis to kansas city. 27 here in the big apple. we're all jealous of the folks in miami. they're up to 80 degrees today. >>> well, o.j. simpson's appeal efforts from hit a judicial dead end. three nevada supreme court justices have denied simpson's request for a rehearing. simpson is serving 9 to 3
bunker. while president obama is watching events unfold in the middle east back home he has made a major decision that could affect the future of same-sex marriages. we'll have all the details. >> a big reversal for the administration. >>> the latest from the devastating earthquake in new zealand. officials say they have not given up hope just yet of rescuing more than 200 people still listed as missing. >> here it comes again, sunday night will mark oscar gold. it will be handed out to hollywood's best. but are they really the best, is the big question? a look at who got snubbed from this year's oscars. >> like every year, a lot of snubs. >>> first, new concerns this morning about the safety of americans trying to exit libya. bad weather has delayed a ferry that is taking hundreds of u.s. citizens away from all that chaos. >> meanwhile, international pressure is growing on libyan leader moammar gadhafi to stop the violence. lara setrakian has the latest from dubai. >> reporter: the uprising against moammar gadhafi's four decade rule spread to more libyan cities on wednesday. it egyptian
the super bowl! >> president obama called the coach of the green bay packers to congratulate him on his team's super bowl victory. that was nice. yeah, yeah. then he met with the victims of the black-eyed peas halftime show. >> a lot of victims from christina ingaguilera as well. >> that didn't make the cut. >> next week should be interesting. the budget battles on capitol hill, of course, valentine's day, and the grammy awards coming up sunday night. we'll see what makes the clip next week. >> speaking of coming up, coming up this week valentine's day treat from a gourmet chef. >> we make strawberries extra special for your valentine sweetie. ♪ >>> welcome back, everybody, to a very special edition of "insomni "insomniac's kitchen." it's almost valentine's day, a lot of special dinners and what's better to end a good dinner with a great dessert. we're here in the flat iron neighborhood of manhattan with pastry chef emily. thank you for doing this. we appreciate it. walk us through exactly what we'll be whipping up today. >> we'll do some chocolate-covered strawberries. >> that's an oldie,
groups for the fi time yesterday. despite this meeting, president obama is playing down the prospects that the brotherhood would play a major role in the new government. >> i think that the muslim brotherhood is one faction in egypt. they don't have majority support in egypt. they are -- but they are well organized and there are strains of their ideology that are anti-u.s. there's no doubt about it. what i want is a representative government in egypt. and i have confidence that if egypt moves in an orderly transition process, that we'll are a government in egypt that we can work with together as a partner. >> the muslim brotherhood aims to set up an islamic state in egypt. that is a big concern for the obama administration and government leaders in israel. >>> well, life is slowly returning to normal for millions of people in cairo. some schools reopened for the first time in more than a week and so did some banks, too. abc's alex marquardt has been talking to people on the street. >> reporter: dusk on the nile. young egyptians hanging out, drinking tea, smoking, scenes that seem so o
news. president obama travels to michigan today where he'll hold talks with university students about expanding wireless web connections nationwide. >>> lawmakers on capitol hill focus on terrorism. members of the house vote on extending provisions of the patriot act while committee members question intelligence leaders. >>> verizon's version of the iphone goes on sale in stores today. bloggers are already claiming that the new phone has some antenna problems. >> but a band-aid on it. wasn't that the solution last time. >>> finally this half hour, the bond between a college baseball coach and player. >> the outfielder was in dire need of a kidney transplant so his coach pitched in to help. t.j. winick has the latest. good morning to you, t.j. >> reporter: the young man was on dialysis and he was in desperate need of a transplant. it was his college coach who stood up and gave him the gift of life. there are sacrifice bunts and fly balls in baseball, but this is a sacrifice unlike any other on the diamond. on monday wake forest coach tom walter donated a kidney to one of his players, f
were killed in last november's attack. >>> president obama is delivering an urgent message to the nation's biggest business group. start hiring. mr. obama's speech to the chamber of commerce is part of a new white house strategy to improve relations with the nation's business community. jake tapper has more. >> reporter: the temperature was in the 40s when president obama walked to the u.s. chamber of commerce. the reception inside the building was chilly as well. >> maybe if we had brought over a fruitcake when i first moved in, we would have gotten off to a better start. >> reporter: the president may have come in the spirit of being more neighborly, but he was hardly looking to just borrow a cup of sugar. >> american companies have nearly $2 trillion sitting on their balance sheets. >> reporter: spend that money, the president said. >> so if i've got one message, my message is now is the time to invest in america. now is the time to invest in america. and if there's a reason that you don't share my confidence, if there is a reason that you don't believe that this is the
. timothy johnson. >>> president obama is apparently having some success in his quest to stop smoking. first lady michelle obama says the president hasn't had a cigarette in almost a year. mr. obama started smoking in his teens. the first lady claims he quit so he can look at his daughters and say he's not a smoker. >>> people in the denver area are waking up to subzero temps today as they dig out from yesterday's big storm. that city is now blanketed in half a foot of snow and ice that made for an extremely treacherous commute. a number of schools closed for the day and dozens of flights were canceled, too. >> i was there this past weekend for a wedding. when it snows in denver, it's still pretty. you can't get it from these images but the snow stays pristine unlike a major city where people walk through it, gets black. >> different, huh? >> totally. >> now time for your wednesday weather. that storm also slammed the plains in the south where they're bracing for a second round today. oklahoma city could get 6 to 12 inches of snow. xep a few in little rock, shreveport and memphis and snow ar
. >>> here's some stories to watch today on abc news. president obama visits pennsylvania state university today. he is delivering a message about energy efficiency and job creation. >>> astronaut mark kelly will leave his wife's bedside today. he is, of course, married to congresswoman gabby giffords. he will be attending the national prayer breakfast in washington. >>> and preordering begins today for verizon's version of the iphone. the cheapest model costs $200. >>> finally this half hour, apple's ipad has changed a lot of how people do just about everything these days, but can it actually change forever how we read the newspaper? >> rupert murdoch certainly hopes so with the launch of the first ever ipad-only newspaper. we are a closer look at "the daily". the bbc's rory cellan jones has a look. >> reporter: he's the man who broke the print unions and brought satellite tv to britain. now rupert murdoch has embarked on what could be an even riskier venture. >> ladies and gentlemen, "the daily." [ applause ] >> reporter: it's a newspaper only available for now on apple's ipad. "the dale
to do that. and then i asked him about president obama and the united states, did he feel betrayed by the united states, his closest ally, seeming to ask him to leave? he said he had not been specifically asked by the president to leave immediately, but he did say that i think obama is a very good man, those were his words to me, but i did tell him, he said, that you do not understand egyptian culture. if i leave right away, there will be chaos. i then asked his vice president omar suleiman on camera, you asked protesters to leave the square. what if they don't? will you order the army to crack down? and omar suleiman told me, no way. we will not do that. we will ask them to leave. we hope they will leave. we feel we have met their demands for reform but we will not use the army against them. christiane amanpour, abc news, cairo. >>> major protests are expected again today in the streets of cairo and other egyptian cities. journalists are increasingly coming under attack from demonstrators. david muir looks at the vicious violence. >> reporter: it was a battle that lit up cairo. ca
funds from being used for president obama's teleprompter. oh, right. we're going to -- we're going to cut $3,000 from the budget. that's really going to help us. >> reporter: republicans are proposing sweeping changes to domestic programs. 29% from the epa. 10% from the fda. and they want to cut all funding for public broadcasting. in a victory for president obama, the house voted to cut funding for an extra engine for the f-35 joint strike fighter, an engine pentagon says they don't need but one john boehner says he wants. >>> a half dozen current and former officials from the los angeles suburb of bell, california, are now going on trial. mayor oscar hernandez and others are facing charges they used city coughers as their own personal piggy banks. prosecutors say they cost the city more than $5 million. the mayor and others are ordered to stay away from bell city hall and cease participation in city business. >>> fuel prices have peaked again and it could be a few months before there's any rel f relief. gas prices are at their highest in 28 months. the national average for a gal
. >>> president obama is heading to michigan today to push his plan to make sure that small towns in rural areas get wireless access. >> he's leaving with goodwill from top republicans. john hendren joining us from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president obama met with republicans in the white house for the first time since republicans took over the house of representatives. and they say they found something they'd been missing. common ground. it was all part of president obama's charm offensive. >> we had a very nice lunch with the president. >> reporter: the president said last year he needed to do a better job working with republicans, but a funny thing happened on the way out of what could have been a feel-good photo op. republican leaders and the president agreed to make progress. >> we're able to find enough common ground. >> the economy so desperately needs us to work together. >> from jobs to cutting government spending. >> reporter: not far away, ben bernanke said the economy is improving but unemployment remains high. >> until we see a sustained period of stronge
action. take advil. >>> and here are some stories to watch today on abc news. president obama heads to the san francisco bay area today to discuss innovation with business leaders. the president plans to discuss investments with facebook founder mark zuckerberg. >>> federal judge john rolle who was killed in the tucson shooting rampage back in january will be remembered today. the president is naming a federal courthouse after the late judge. >>> after yesterday's gains on wall street, investors will have an eye on today's government reports on consumer spending, jobless claims and factory orders. >>> finally, the next stage in the machine's plans to overtake the human race is now complete. the machine utterly destroyed our best and brightest in the popular game show "jeopardy!" >> watson, the supercomputer, easily defeated two past champions, winning almost double their combined earnings. here's t.j. winick. >> this is "jeopardy!" >> reporter: in this tv battle of man versus machine, it was really no contest. >> who is laura bush? what is esquire? what is buf
demand, it stung. one protester called mubarak's speech a provocation. president obama said the egyptian government has failed to outline a credible path to democracy although hosni mubarak said he would not bow to international pressure. the protesters are hoping he bows to their pressure. today after friday prayers organizers have called millions of egyptians into the streets. and rob and vinita we'll be watching to see if those protests are going off without any intervention. >> yesterday was a day of some unmet expectations. what did mubarak agree to do last night when he went on tv? >> reporter: he spoke in what many demonstrators consider to be a patronizing tone, rob. he said he would hand over some functions of the president. he did not specify what those functions would be, to his vice president and deputy, omar suleiman. for now, and this is where the demonstrators are really upset, president mubarak retains the title. he then, of course, keeps control of the political process here. >> all right. aaron katersky reporting live from cairo. sho
to hold the 2018 world cup. despite speculation, president obama was never going to be invited. the wedding is not a full state indication. the only foreign leaders being invited are from commonwealth or foreign royals. obama is coming on a state visit a month after the wedding. like any couple planning their big day, they have worked hard on the guest list. some inevitably will be motor mortified to have been left off the list. for the lucky 2,000, it will be wedding outfits to choose but no gifts. the preferred gesture is a donation to one of william's charities. bbc news. >> i know you're new here at abc, but we did find something in your mailbox at the network. have you been invited. they always invite the best overnight anchor to a big wedding like that. >> what will i get them? like a rice cooker? what do you get the royal couple? >> put 10 bucks in a card and call it a day. >> i'm hon heed. i guess you will not be my plus one. >> send me a postcard. no, i will not be there, willis. >> willis wants to go. >> right. >>> when we come back, people who have very close relatio
. from the beginning he enjoyed clear advantages, including the implicit backing of president obama and a national fund-raising effort that raked in at least $13 million. >> if you want the windy city to have a gale force of leadership, rahm emanuel is your mayor. >> reporter: he takes office in may, replacing the retiring richard m.daley who's been in office 22 years, longer than anyone, including his famous father, the last of america's big city bosses. he faces daunting challenges including a crippling budget crisis that will require painful cuts and possibly new taxes but the former congressman and washington insider has always said being mayor of chicago is his dream job. and now his dream is realized. chris bury, abc news, chicago. >> very happy to be back in chicago. a lot of people were watching that election. they bent a couple rules to make sure he could get that votes and now he's got that gig. >> and a tough road ahead. >>> also talking about some tough weather we've all been enduring. wednesday weather, still stormy in the pacific northwest. 4 inches of snow from seattl
and smokey. >> sounding good. white house was rocking as president obama and first lady hosted legendary motown stars. >> and michelle obama invited 100 students to that concert, the first in the sound of young america's series. ♪ ♪ dancing in the streets >> reporter: the dancing wasn't in the street but in the white house, honoring 50 years of rhythm and blues. >> and concerts in the south, motown groups literally brought people together, insisting the ropes usually separating black and white audience members be taken down. >> reporter: hand in hand black history month and motown, the soundtrack that started a movement. the white house halls turned into a music hall. motown legends came out to sing, including smokey robinson. ♪ really got a hold on me >> reporter: and stevie wonder. ♪ you are the sunshine of my life ♪ >> reporter: and others paying ode to the way paved for them. ♪ i bet you wonder how i move >> reporter: john legend. ♪ take a good look at my face >> reporter: natasha bettingfeld and nick jonas. ♪ you know i love you >> reporter: the president and his dan
and forth on capitol hill. the topic, president obama's proposed budget. here's how it all went down. >> if we're going to walk the walk when it comes to fiscal discipline, these kind of cut will be necessary. >> this is not an i got the message budget. it's unserious and irresponsible. >> if i run, and if i win, this country will be respected again. >> oh yeah, you'd really class up washington. >> we wish the opposition and the brave people in the streets across cities in iran you know the same opportunity that they saw their egyptian counterparts in the last week. >> lara was covering the celebrations in cairo last friday when she was surrounded by a mob, sexually assaulted and beaten. >> the protesters are starting to move out toward the military and they are -- whoa. no, no, no, no! journalist! journalist! >> he said if you tell anybody, i'll kill you. you know i will make sure that no one believes you. >> somebody now has come behind him and maybe walk over his spit. >> we had a very -- very -- let's go -- let's -- >> when you guys develop a computer that
for when he does leave is now under way. christiane amanpour, abc news, cairo. >>> and president obama is now downplaying expectations that the muslim brotherhood would have a major role in whatever new government takes shape in egypt. in an interview with fox news channel's bill o'reilly the president looked at egypt's options. >> what i want is a representative government in egypt. and i have confidence that if egypt moves in an orderly transition process, that we'll have a government in egypt that we can work with together as a partner. >> also from egypt, a top google executive who went missing there is expected to be released to his family this afternoon. the google marketing manager had been detained since he took part in anti-government protests late last month. a colleague was negotiating his release. >>> back in this country, two young men are under arrest after a shooting rampage at a frat party in ohio. it happened at a house off campus near youngstown state university. police say the two young men were asked to leave the party but returned and open fire. one student was kil
despite president obama's call for him to do so. >> first of all, it's not america's business. second, do you think this is a solution? >> reporter: that's saif al islam, one of his father's closest political advisers. what is your plan? >> listen, nobody is leaving this country. we live here. we die here. this is our country. the libyans are our people. and for myself, i believe that i am doing the right thing. >> reporter: his yoinger brother saadi, a former professional soccer player, spends most of his time outside libya, but now and he the rest of the family face new sanctionses that include a freeze on their assets and a ban on travel. so, what's in your immediate plans if you can't travel? >> i'll hire a lawyer. i have some hobbies. i quit football. i have some hobbies like i do some hunting, i do safari. so, really, there's no safari -- i got to go safari. i've got to hire a lawyer. >> reporter: you've got to get out of libya? >> i would like to live normal. >> reporter: the people here say they would like to live normally. they want normal freedoms, they want a normal life, and t
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